7v7 Rules and Regulations

7v7 Format

2 Attack, 2 Mids, 2 Defense, 1 Goalie.

No long poles allowed (boys).

No more than 14 total rostered members are to dress for a game.

25 Minute running time on central horn.

There will be one face off / draw to start the game.

After each goal scored, goalie will pick up the
ball and clear it out from there.

Over time will be sudden victory from the face off.

The whistle will signify goal confirmation and to begin play.

All subbing in done on the fly, through the substitution box.

No body checks

Tech fouls = loss of possession.
Time serving penalties are enforced by a 3v2 break. Attack and
defense stay down in offensive end with the ball carrier 3 yards in
front of the midline. All other mids are on the mid line. Everyone is
released on one whistle.
* person who committed foul can stay on field.

No time outs

No foul language or unsportsmanlike behavior will be accepted from the players or coaches.

Girls – Shooting Space and Dangerous shots will be enforced at refs discretion.